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Watch Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava in Hindi Dubbed Online Latest South Indian Movie 123movies and Story A 30-year-long war between opposing factions of two villages—Kommaddi led by Narappa Reddy, and Nallagudi led by Basi Reddy—has been affecting the lives of people from both parties. Narappa Reddy’s son Veera Raghava Reddy, who was in London for 12 years, returns to the village. On his way home, he ends up losing his father in an attack by the opposition, following which he undergoes a violent transformation. He participates in the fight, kills Basi Reddy’s men, and stabs the latter himself. Upon realizing that violence might not be the ultimate solution, he decides to leave for Hyderabad, hoping that the fights will reduce as the opposition will not have anyone to fight with. He goes to Hyderabad, befriends Neelambari, and circumstances force him into living with Aravinda’s family. Aravinda influences his beliefs and thought system. Meanwhile, Basi Reddy is found alive, and orders his gang headed by his son, Bala Reddy to chase Veera Raghava.

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