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This is a political crime thriller and story of a honest police officer Ranvijay Singh. How Ranvijay is helpless because of this corrupts system and suspended again and again. Finally he got a case where he can work with his honesty and without pressure. Monika Devi a young politician, she is campaigning for vidhan sabha election and a very hard candidate. She got fame in very short period and peoples love and respect her because she always there when people's need her. Her rivels mannu bhaiya and Qureshi didn’t want to win this election. So they plan a conspiracy to spoil her. Monika kidnape by a man who can not speak. He put her into a cage and torture her like a animal. Ranvijay investigate and release her, and kidnaper got killed. Ranvijay is happy that finally he did a good job but suddenly he knows that kidnaper is innocent and the reality is not what he is seeing. And when he got the truth he is shocked. Again he is using by this bloody currupt system. But this time he takes a very hard decision.

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