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Tired of their abusive husbands, three women plan and execute their murders. It is an almost perfect plan, till Pankaj Mishra – assigned to the case — realises there is more to it than met the eye. Black Widows is officially a Finnish drama. Since it’s successful launch in 2014, the Finnish drama has been licensed across 7 regions. Veera, Jayati and Kavita, tired of abusive and unloving husbands, plan and execute the murder of their husbands in what they make look like a boat accident. It was an almost perfect plan, as the boat blew up mid sea, when the three couples had gone for a quick vacation, in what looked like a simple boating accident. It’s a secret the three women share, a secret that will help them move on from the drudgery of their unhappy lives. The police investigation led by Inspector Pankaj Misra and Inspector Rinku Sharma do not suspect the ‘grieving widows’. The story of the accident begins to unravel when the innocent boat blast is confirmed by forensics to be a bomb blast. To add to the women’s problems – Rameez, Veera’s husband Jatin’s business partner – believes that Jatin has hidden some money that belongs to him. This leads to the women realizing that the…

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