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A cyber attack exposes MI7’s field agents, forcing the agency to reinstate older inactive agents, including Johnny English. Now working as a geography teacher, he secretly trains his students in espionage. English accidentally incapacitates the other retired agents, leaving him alone to accept the mission. He insists on the services of his old sidekick Jeremy Bough, still an MI7 clerk. Collecting their equipment, including explosive jelly babies and a tracker disguised as a Sherbet Fountain, English and Bough leave behind their mobile phones and drive an old Aston Martin to the source of the attack in France.

They arrive at the Hotel Magnifique in Antibes, where the cyber attack originated. Disguised as waiters, they steal a mobile phone with a photograph of their next target, a yacht named the Dot Calm. While flambéing shrimp, English accidentally sets fire to the restaurant. Sneaking onto the yacht, English and Bough are caught by Russian operative Ophelia Bhuletova, but escape after finding a vast array of computer servers on board.

Pursuing Bhuletova’s electric BMW i3 through the countryside, English and Bough run out of fuel. Bhuletova finds them and agrees to meet at the Hotel de Paris in Cagnes-sur-Mer. While English meets Bhuletova at the hotel bar, Bough discovers evidence revealing her to be a spy. Infatuated with Bhuletova, English rejects Bough’s suspicions. Bhuletova secretly attempts to kill English, but fails to do so after he accidentally takes a pill which makes him hyperactive.

Further cyber attacks force the Prime Minister to solidify an agreement with Silicon Valley billionaire Jason Volta, to be revealed during a forthcoming G12 meeting.

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