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The movie starts off with Ariyanachi getting ready for her daughter’s ear piercing function. It is shown her husband Ranasingam lives in Dubai to support their family. As the function is happening Maayi, Ranasingam’s younger sister learns that her brother died during a protest in Dubai through the police. As everyone is in shock and heartbroken they try to bring Ranasingam’s body back to India. In the flashback, Ranasingam is a man who identifies where water is in the dry land. As Ariyanachi’s father hired him to look for the water. Ariyanachi didn’t believe him and thought he was just identifying for money which starts their relationship. One day when Ranasingam was passing by Ariyanachi blocked him as asked him to show where the water is as she believes he is just making a magic show. He then identifies the water in the sky saying it will rain in her side but won’t on his side. In disbelief, Ariyanachi stood and waited but it happened which started their love. It’s taken back to the present where their family is still trying to recover his body. Ariyanachi gets a call from Ranasingam’s friends saying that he didn’t die during a protest but during an accident, while he was working in the oil factory.

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