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Movie Info

Ekambaram is a don in Thanjavur who smuggles expensive idols and artifacts. Sundaram is a co-worker and long-time friend. Sundaram’s son Kathir is a cab driver in Chennai. One day, Kathir goes to a girl named Viji for her hand in marriage, only to be rejected by her father as he comes to know that Sundaram’s father works for Ekambaram. Kathir then slaps Viji’s father and leaves; however, he still proposes to Viji. From here on, the movie is narrated in a non-linear plot. Sindhanai is a pickpocket who suffers from insomnia. An astrologer tells him that he can only be cured when he makes a bed out of 1 Crore rupees and sleeps on top of it. Sindhanai then makes it his life’s goal to steal 1 Crore. Meanwhile, Kathir, who has returned to Chennai, is waiting at a bus stop and sees a middle-aged man carrying a bag with a picture of a monkey on it. Sindhanai, who believes the bag is full of money, steals it and runs away. Kathir chases him and manages to get it back.

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