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The movie starts with a group of people forcefully taking away a cow and its calf trying to follow them. The scene shifts to the house of Raju Garu (Sarath Kumar), where the family has gathered for the naming ceremony of his son. Just then, a group of people come there with the calf and inform them that Munuswamy’s (Jagapathi Babu) brothers have kidnapped the calf’s mother (who belongs to the temple) along with many other cows. This leads to Raju Garu beating up Munuswamy’s brother and bringing the cows back. The news of his brothers’ humiliation reaches Munuswamy, and he and his three brothers (Ravi Kishan, Ashutosh Rana, Madhu Guruswamy) go to Raju Garu’s house, where the celebration is going on. They brutally kill every member of the family, except for Raju Garu’s wife (Meena), who gets injured. Raju Garu manages to distract the brothers while his wife runs away with the child, but she becomes weak and is unable to continue due to her deep injury. Just then, the calf (whose mother was saved by Raju Garu) comes and stands in front of her. Raju Garu’s wife takes this as a sign, wraps the child in a shawl, and ties him onto the calf. The villains come just in time to see the calf running away, and a chase ensures. The injured calf manages to evade the villains and land the baby on a truck carrying soil. The villains see the child falling down the cliff and believe him to be dead. In order to conceal their crime, they set fire to the cowshed,because in bad time even an animals are can become a prime witness to their sins.

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