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Watch Tansen Ka Tanpura Season 2 Hindi Online Free Complete (All Episode) Alap finds an old diary, and together with Shruti, attend the funeral of the old beggar. He solves yet another clue to find Raag Sarang.
Alap and Shruti start receiving clues that confuse them. At the same time they are sinisterly warned to not pursue this quest.
The duo reaches Ranjan’s residence where Shruti uncovers a dark secret. Ranjan promises a bandish to Alap that can lead him to the Tanpura.
Yet another word game begins. Alap is given another keyword that hides the mysterious quest of the Tanpura.
Alap visits Raunak Bai, a prostitute, who gives him an instrument crucial to this quest, leading him an inch closer to the Tanpura.
Bahadur and Alap confront each other, where Bahadur reveals shocking facts about Rohini’s past.
Kedar takes up a grave task and starts learning to sing Raag Deepak, which causes death.
Alap and Hemanta get into a brawl. Madhubanti visits Rohini. The mysteries unfold.

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