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Tenet 2020 in Hindi Dubbed Language – An unnamed CIA agent, the “Protagonist”, participates in an undercover operation at a Kyiv opera house. He is aided by a masked soldier with a distinctive trinket, who appears to “un-fire” a bullet through a hostile gunman. After seizing a strange artifact, the Protagonist is captured by mercenaries. He endures torture before consuming a cyanide pill. He awakens to learn the pill was a test of his loyalty; his team has been killed and the artifact lost. The Protagonist is now employed by a secret organization called Tenet. A scientist shows him bullets with “inverted” entropy which allows them to move backwards through time. She believes they are manufactured in the future, and a weapon exists that can wipe out the past. Aided by a local contact, Neil, the Protagonist traces the bullet cartridges to arms dealer Priya Singh. He discovers she is a member of Tenet; her cartridges had been purchased and time-inverted by Russian oligarch Andrei Sator. The Protagonist approaches Sator’s estranged wife Kat, an art appraiser who unknowingly sold Sator a forged Goya drawing. Sator uses the drawing to blackmail her and keep her under his control. The Protagonist plots to steal the drawing with Neil from Freeport, a facility in Oslo Airport. There, they find a machine, a “turnstile”, and fend off two masked men. Priya explains that the turnstile can invert the entropy of objects and people, and the masked men were the same person.

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