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MumBhai, a crime-thriller set in the late 90s, is the story of Bhaskar Shetty, who emerged as a top encounter specialist with a record of 83 encounters. His passion to rule the city saw no limits, and in this journey, he ended up becoming someone he never wished to become. A top encounter specialist. Belonging to two different sides of the coin, Bhaskar and Rama were like brothers, but the tables turned when politics and power took over every relationship. Bhaskar Shetty gained power, money & fame, but there was someone who was smarter than him, who was playing him, who was actually ruling the city, who was the real Mum Bhai! As you dive deeper into the story, you’ll not just see the dark side, but the grey side of the city, the side where the only rule was to rule the city.

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  1. maheshwor nepal November 18, 2020

    where is season 2??

    1. rabeea November 19, 2020

      Dear not yet release .. keep stay.