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Marudhamalai (Arjun), a lawyer, goes to work as Constable in the town of Nachiapuram after passing his police training by getting a merit selection. Here he meets ‘Encounter’ Ekambaram (Vadivelu), his senior officer. He is asked to do all sorts of petty work for him, and one day, Marudhamalai loses a convict on the way to the court due to Ekambaram’s soft heart. He then is to clean the floors of the inspector’s house and there he falls in love with Divya (Meera). Then, later in the market, after Ekambaram is humiliated by a beggar, Marudhamalai sees Maasi (Lal), the ‘boss’ of the city, killing a person who stood for a candidate in the elections. That constituency has not had an MLA for the last 16 years due to Maasi. Maasi’s caste people have been 70% majority in that Nachiyarpuram MLA constituency, but the Government named the constituency as a Reserved Constituency 16 years ago. Since then Maasi either postpones MLA election by murdering a candidate or makes sure that his house servant from lower caste is elected as MLA and then resigns immediately to cause vacancy of office. Since Maasi has his caste’s support and heavy income, the Government has kept ignoring him.

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